Volunteer at Book Sales

It takes many volunteers to make our Book Sales successful. Book Sale volunteers can work Friday, Saturday or Sunday shifts and duties include:

All set for the Friends used book sale

  • Helping set up tables and arrange boxes of books
  • Setting up fliers and signage
  • Staffing a checkout station and processing customer purchases
  • Consolidating a replenishing supplies and stock
  • Breaking down tables and cleaning up the garage

Work for Book Sales starts on Friday afternoons prior to the Sale. Volunteers set up tables and arrange the boxes of books to be sold. We also set up shade canopies for use during the sale.

Saturday morning volunteers arrive about 45 minutes prior to opening to set up additional book tables, checkout stations, set out signage and more. Once the Sale begins, volunteers help to check in members for the members-only hour, work at the checkout stations and consolidate and replenish stock.  At the end of Saturday everything must be moved back into the garage.

Sunday is normally a bag sale with the hope that most of the inventory will be sold. Once again volunteers consolidate stock, hand out bags to shoppers, act as cashiers and count. At the end of Sunday, all remainders are boxed, the tables are cleared, funds are counted, and the garage is returned to how it was prior to the sale.

Volunteer at a Book Sale

Fill out our volunteer application and email or mail it back to us. We’ll follow up with you to get started.