Volunteers Make a Difference in the Library Lobby Shop

Join other book lovers in supporting the library with a little of your time and effort.  You get to meet lots of friendly people while making the Mountain View Library an ever-better part of our community.


It's Easy to Help the Library

You'll find the Lobby Shop to be a warm and welcoming place to read or sew when you're not helping our customers.  The shop is stocked with books, CDs, videos and DVDs as well as computer and novelty items that are enjoyed by library patrons each week.


Your main tasks will be to greet and be friendly with customers, and use a cash register.  Training is provided.  Volunteers staff the shop with 2-hour shifts while the library is open.


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Frequently Asked Questions: Lobby Shop Volunteering

Q: Where is the lobby shop?

A: It's in the main lobby of the library, just across from the Circulation desk and check-out machines.


Q: Who works in the lobby shop?

A: The lobby shop is run by the Friends of the Mountain View Library and is staffed by volunteers.


Q: How often would I need to volunteer?

A: Volunteers typically put in 2 hours per week on a regular schedule.  Some volunteers help out by being on-call to work as needed or as fill-in for vacations.


Q: How long is a volunteer shift?

A: Most people take a single 2-hour shift each week.


Q: When would I be volunteering?

A: You tell us what time(s) and day(s) you are available, and we match that to openings in the staff schedule.  You are not assigned a time that does not fit your availability.  We only open the shop during regular library hours, and we close the shop when volunteers are not available.


Q: Do I need to know how to run a cash register?

A: We provide training, and no one is left alone until they are comfortable with the job.


Q: Do I need to be a library or book expert?

A: No, the library's professional staff handles library issues.  Volunteers meet and greet people coming into the shop, and run the cash register.


Q: How does the Lobby Shop help the Library?

A: All sales from the shop go to the library through the Friends of the Library.  The Friends are the sole sponsors of the Children's Summer Reading Program and the Friends' Bestseller Collections of popular books and DVDs.  The Friends also help pay for other library books, materials, programs, and equipment.



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